Recessive Pieds

I have built up a family with my Rec Pieds over the few years ive had them, they are now

a successful family for winning and for breeding. It is hard to control the markings aswell

as keep the quality up. Here are the birds that have won for me, it includes 14 different CC Winners over 9 Generations –

2009 – Blue Supreme (Cobalt cock, Super face & good markings)

**BS Club show CC winner**

2010 – Clean Winger (Dark Green cock, Perfectly marked)

2010 – First Princess (Dark Green Cin hen, Well marked with good face)

2010 – ‘The Beast’ (Dark Green cock, Perfectly marked & Super overall bird)

2010 – Grizzly Bear (Dark Green cock, Good face with slight grizzle)

2011 – Young Lady (Dark Green Cin hen, Well marked & long bird)

2012 – Odd Eyed Princess (Dark Green hen, Good faced powerful hen)

**BS Club Show CC winner**

2013 – Blue Grizzle (Cobalt cock, Good feather, slight grizzle)

2013 – Pretty Lady (Cinnamon cobalt hen, lovely shape & well marked)

2014 – Spotty Lady (Cinnamon Violet hen, fully spotted and good feather)

2015 – Pretty Boy (YellowFace Cobalt cock, great clean markings)

2016 – Spotted Girl (Opaline Cinnamon Violet hen, fully spotted & great colour)

2016 – Pretty Girl (YellowFace Cobalt hen, great markings)

2017 – Dark Princess (Cobalt hen, dark markings but fully spotted)


To breed Recessive Pieds
Pairings Expectations
Recessive Pied × Recessive Pied 100% Recessive Pied
Recessive Pied × Normal 100% Normal/Recessive Pied
Recessive Pied × Normal/Recessive Pied 50% Normal/Recessive Pied
50% Recessive Pied
Normal/Recessive Pied × Normal/Recessive Pied 25% Recessive Pied
50% Normal/Recessive Pied
25% Normal
Normal/Recessive Pied × Normal 50% Normal/Recessive Pied
50% Normal

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