I have a good stud of Albino’s and aim for perfection within this variety,

I hope to acheive a super budgie whilst being completely white.

All of my current Albino family carry this super white gene but it must be

controlled, i wouldn’t want to lose the ‘Ideal’ Albino that i aim to breed.


My Albino family originated from Albino’s to good Split Spangles

They were based on Geoff Bowley and I&S Ainley birds

This family has always been very strong for me and always bred good birds.

I also introduced outcrosses from Jo Mannes, they were very successful.


I have alot of CC winners within this family, it includes 10 generations of CC winners,

15 different CC winners & 2 Registered Champion Birds

1999 – Rocky (Very good faced bird, perfectly white all over)

2000 – Al Snow (Very long bird & a good showman, white all over) *Champion*

2002 – Lennox (Very Big with powerful feather, white all over)

2004 – Eubank (Super feather and size, white all over) *Champion*

2007 – White perfection (Good showman & white all over)

2007 – White style (Good showman & white all over)

2008 – Diamond Princess (First Albino hen to win a CC for me, Pure white and super width of face)

2008 – Nice White (Good stylish cock bird, with good feather, pure white)

2012 – All White Wing (Solid bird with good size)

2013 – Whitey White (Stylish bird, good showman)

2014 – Young White (Plenty of feather)

2016 – White Lady (Smart hen, solid white)

2017 – The White HULK princess (Huge hen with lots of feather, modern bird)

2017 – White Princess of 17 (Smart tidy young hen, pure white)

2017- Mr ALL White (Good show bird & pure white)


Lutino’s –

Nigel has a few Lutino’s bred from Sam’s Albino line to give him a start, he also has some good Greens from Sam’s Pied line to pair into them as outcrosses. We have now introduced outcrosses from Alan Marchant.


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