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Sam Wildes (Champion Breeder, Exhibitor & Main Panel Judge)

I started breeding budgies in 1996 & joined the B.S as a Junior. Over a period of time i got a good stock of birds, so i began building my own bloodline. I started to do some winning within my section, also picked up the odd CC. A few years later i went on to win Best Junior at the B.S Club show for 3 years on the trot. I felt that i had completed the Junior section with one year to spare.I felt that i could move to the next level of the hobby. In 2004 i moved up to the Beginner section. I did well in my section so i went up to the Novice Section. Again i did well in this section. I moved up again to the Intermediate section, again i held my own and did my share of winning. In 2013 i went into partnership with my father Nigel and now show as Champion’s.

My personalised ring number SAM1, Nigel’s is NIGE1.

My Recessive Pied Challenge ………

I have completed my challenge as i won Best Rec Pied youngbird

at the Specilaist & Rare show 2010, i beat all the top names and

was very happy to do this, i hope my success continues.


“I have wanted to breed Recessive Pieds for along time now but

never had the confidence to do so, This year i have taken on a

couple of pairs to test this variety out, I can gurantee within the

next 3 years I will have a strong CC winning family of Reccesive

Pieds, it will take time and effort but i will get there. Alot of people

in my club do not believe in me, but i believe in myself and this has

been proven before as i have turned a few pairs of Albino’s to some

of the finest in the country, I also did this with my Dominant Pied

family. Both familys are CC winners and always breed successfully.”

Sam Wildes 2008


Special Thanks

I would like to say a few thanks for the help that i have received over

the years. There are too many names but here goes….

I would like to thank

My Mum & Dad, My fiancé Alice

Geoff Bowley, John Lees, Arnold Dixon, George Hill,

Phil Reaney, Tony HaywoodAll of Trent Valley BS, many more.

I thank you all for all the support & help you have given me in

this hobby. Without these people i could of easily gave this hobby up, so i thank you all. I am my own motivation, i thrive on perfection and will not stop til i get to the level i want.